Roberto Lazzeroni, Holly Chandelier for Patrizia Garganti S.R.L


Roberto Lazzeroni was born in Pisa, the town where he has chosen to live and work. His professional training is the result of studies- Art and Architecture in Florence. From the beginning he has always shown an interest in the phenomena of the world of conceptual art and the ones of radical design.

In the early 80’s, he started to be interested in industrial and interior design, a specialization which he defines as “fundamental” for the following approach to the world of the “industrial project”. A fine connoisseur of the history of design and its related signs, he is very skilful to put daily into practice this knowledge.

Talking about his own projects, Lazzeroni uses the expression of “sentimental design’; it is indeed easy, even for an untrained eye, to see the tension between past and future rein this works. This tread Is nowadays defined as “transitive design”. The signs of past are somehow recognizable; they are clearly worked out again and the outcome is real and balanced tension between past and future.

Lazzeroni’s background and his way to understand design have caused his specialization in Art direction.

Today the works especially at the “total concept” which is hidden behind the birth of a trademark. After the experience with Coccotti Collezioni which started in 1988, today Lazeroni has started to collaborate also with many other important firms. All experiences where he is directly responsible of every aspect linked to the birth and the development of a firm.

A very “dynamic” career with some precise constants that show Roberto Lazzeroni was always involved in two different directions; his studies and his professional interests which have made of him an undisputed protagonist of important exhibitions, and his approach to a design that is absolutely integrated in the everyday reality of interior space.