Pier Luigi Frighetto, Brando Sofa for Black Tie S.R.L


His story begins in Italy, Arzignano, in the province of Vicenza; which becomes an area of relevance during the sixties and seventies for being one of the main of production centers of leather, for clothing, footwear, furniture and home décor.

In 1979, Pier Luigi founded the company that bears his name, Frighetto and devotes himself from that moment on, with all his energies and passions to the field of furniture and interiors.

The style that has always characterized his collections, they can be immediately recognized as they are seen: elegant lines, modern materials and style. A style that becomes during the eighties a reality between the most innovative in the global design scene. Launching a successful distribution of his products, sofas and furniture in over 40 countries, from America to Australia, from Russia, to Asia, by participating to the most important trade fairs in the world and obtaining wide acceptance everywhere.

Over the years, he collaborated with internationally renowned designers (among them, just to name a few, Ross Lovegrove , Karim Rashid, Jorge Pensi, Cori Grosser, Patrik Norguet); discovering  and patronizing many of them through the development of long-term cooperation, enough to be awarded by having two of his products selected for the Compasso d' Oro.

He currently focuses on design, from a single object to an entire collection, from design to industrial development, authenticating the products and making sure of the fulfillment of the quality standards, and harvesting the fruits of his knowledgeable experience.

"I've always tried to create products that would come into empathy with the places where they would be set and be easily distinguished from other furniture items surrounded them. I love the harmonious blending of styles, research, and the mix of materials, the elegance and sinuous forms, the quality in executing ... in short, everything that makes a design product unique and recognizable…I like to think that when a person buys one of my items, I somehow communicate with him and I even reach to transmit him an emotion…On an object of design, the more it’s define as "beautiful", the more it is able to convey a highly charged pleasure, for whomever chooses it, it must seem " specifically designed " for his house, always remembering that , the objects with which we furnish our home, reflect much of our way of being and how we interpret life. For me, the furniture must follow the instincts and the heart; it is the synthesis of personal histories, cultures, styles, and different passions”.