Giovanni Cagnato, Cagnato Armchair for Turri S.R.L


Giovanni Cagnato, considered to be one of the most remarkable and refined architects in the spectrum of contemporary Italian art and culture, was born in Gorizia, Italy, in 1973 and spent his childhood in Trieste. The nurturing setting of one of most charming cities in Italy, rich in history and a crossroads of fascinating cultures, allowed Giovanni Cagnato to begin familiarizing himself with pencils and clay in his mother’s architecture studio, as well as with art in all its aspects in his father’s gallery. As a result, Giovanni Cagnato began developing an academic background starting in a German institute, followed by classical studies in high school, and then a hands-on approach to architecture in Venice, the most famous museum-city in the entire world.

These studies helped foster and consolidate a deep knowledge of the history of architecture and a thorough and professional design sensibility. Also, during his time in university, he began a fruitful collaboration with a leading architecture studio in Venice, which among its various important projects is responsible for the historic and artistic restorations at the famous Molino Stucky hotel. He is considered to be an unusual designer, because when he designs and plans something, he always does so by starting with the history and unique skills of the company with which he is collaborating for the production of his design. Two Turri collections from Giovanni Cagnato were created: Pegaso and Orion.

Orion collection draws its inspiration from the classical Hollywood style of the 1930s and ‘40s, which finds expression in the soft rounded shapes of this collection, not without a hint of the opulence and luxury typical of Italian design in the 1980s.

The pieces in this collection feature graceful and sinuous forms, airy and welcoming shapes.

Precious leather upholstery makes every piece soft and pleasurable to the touch, unique and elegant. Chromed metal and satin steel finishes create refined and versatile chromatic effects; in this manner, the furnishings become one-of-a-kind, thanks to the harmonious counterpoint of volumes and the original combinations of materials.

This collection has been designed for a highly refined, demanding clientele, people who enjoy the dynamics of contemporary life but will not do without the style, the suggestive forms and the highly sophisticated elegance of customized luxury details.

On display at the Show, a managerial office set, comprised of an impressive desk with executive chair and guest chairs.