The Nuance collection, a successful collaboration between Il Casone – leaders in extracting pietra serena sandstone – and Lithos Design, is the result of an in-depth study by Raffaello Galiotto into the expressive potential of this Tuscan stone and the possibilities of enhancing the chiaroscuro qualities of this and other materials, similar in homogeneity of shades and textures.

By studying the light reflection properties of the selected stones and teaming these with the processing skills which put to the test the possibilities of the latest modern technologies, Lithos Design's extraordinary technological expertise gave life to 6 different and surprising models (Crine, Risma, Scorcio, Tartan, Vello and Vena), allowing the surface to gain a third dimension.

Captivating scenographic solutions playing with light and shadow contrasts, complex engraving patterns working on several planes, inclines and depths. The surfaces of these modular 3D wall claddings, so masterfully processed, light up with ideal tone nuances creating exciting atmospheres.

Sizes available in 80x40x2 cm. Customisation available upon request.