Texture in its purest form: in this collection, stone shows its full expressive potential in terms of shape, essence and recollection of nature.

Muri di Pietra is a line of modular, decorative self-supporting partitions, of perfectly proportioned textured weavings; here the wall is conceived as a functional element (to separate rooms, to create ornamental barriers, to organise exclusive spaces) as well as a decorative feature due to the extreme original appeal of the processing. Indeed, the solidity of stone goes hand in hand with the fluidity and lightness of the lines and perforations which create games of chiaroscuro and partially opaque effects affording a strong emotional impact. Available in 5 designs (Biblos, Ducale, Graffio, Onda, Traccia).

Sizes available in 60/90x20x10/30 cm. Customisation available upon request.