Le Pietre Incise Palladio is the result of an in-depth study on the architectural lines by Architect Raffaello Galiotto made in collaboration with the 'Centro Internazionale di Studi di Architettura Andrea Palladio'. This work highlighted a recurring geometric profile which became the basic element of the models composing this collection. It is a prestigious line of claddings which merges echoes of the past with contemporary motifs, a tribute to Palladio, who stated that beauty results exactly from ‘the relation between everything and the parts, between the parts themselves, and from them to everything.

With these 5 models ( (Palladio RV1, Palladio RV2, Palladio RV3, Palladio RV6, Palladio RV7), Lithos Design achieved its goal of elaborating without uprooting the essence to the classic appeal and its fundamental traists, working with surfaces, lights and shadows, and revamping the classic style with a contemporary approach.

Sizes available in 60x60x3/4/5/6 cm. Customisation available upon request.