Vibrant design expressions, lights and shadows, multiform and streamline dimensions: with Drappi di Pietra the organic solidity of stone opens up to unprecedented aesthetic dimensions, with a novel delicacy of silhouettes and lightness of shapes.

An innovative and unmistakable approach characterizes these five modular wall panels (Chiffon, Foulard, Organza, Ottoman and Tulle), each featuring a carefully coined name taken from the world of fabrics. The whole collection acquires both the thin texture and the extreme three-dimensionality typical of fabric drapery. The surfaces thus become alive with a game of reflected light, chiaroscuro and shadow effects that give the cladding an aura of gauzy lightness.

Sizes available in 60x120x7/10 and 60x60x9/10.5 cm. Customisation available upon request.