Created in Brussels in 1895 by Jean Van Hamme, the workshop is the oldest Belgium upholsterer still in business. Starting from a modest building Uccle district, Vanhamme rapidly distinguished itself in the furniture scenery by its quality of execution and the talent of its artisans.

In time, the important families, the interior designers and architects came to Vanhamme in search of a timeless comfort, as well as bespoke service.

Nowadays, with a permanent care for exigency, the entire production is still made in the workshops. One crosses there carpenters, chair makers, tailors, upholsterers. The skill continues to be transmitted to them in order to ensure training and respect of the tradition. From the initial drawing to the patina of the woodworks, passing though the personalized quality of seats, each gesture is the fruit of ability acquired and enriched for five generations.

The Vanhamme collection gathers the art of sitting under all it seams and by its integration in the JNL group in 2007 it is now exported all around the world. Strengthened by these centenacy acquisitions and by these recent impulses, the Vanhamme collection continues to enrich itself in a perspective of future, by intergrating the ethical and aesthetic problematic of our time.