An Italian furniture factory TURRI, founded nearly half a century ago, by Pietro Turri, rightly considered as one of the world's leading manufacturers of elite furniture. Leading technology, proven for centuries the secrets of redwood masters and a constant search for new silhouettes, unusual combinations of materials – this is all TURRI. 

True masterpieces of art furniture are created in the workshops of TURRI and one of the components of the success includes extremely wide range of methods of material processing. The materials that are used for manufacturing of TURRI products are beautiful, reliable and safe for human health. Padding materials for cushioned furniture is made in the factory itself, which allows designers to develop exclusive options for colours and patterns, which are then favourably played upon elegant silhouette models. 

Classic and modern are among stylistic preferences of designers of the company. These directions often overlap in TURRI collections, therefore creating truly unique models, which are rewarded by numerous awards this Italian factory producing elite furniture won at various exhibitions.