Today as 40 years ago, Smania furniture are true pieces of art, dedicated to those demanding clients that look for beauty & elegance that desire to choose that which distinguish them.

The company has never lost the characteristics of “the carpenter shop”  to this day there are machines that cannot replace the able hands of those that choose ,cut and sew the wooden veneers as though they were true tailors of wood. Faithful to its entrepreneur vision, Smania never truly did industrialize the production preserving the craftsmanship, this is the secret that until the product remains recognizable and differs from all the rest always a step ahead.

With the collections all the main rooms in the home can be furnished and enhanced by the vast selection of accessories, from lamps to decorative panels to vases each piece conceived and generated by Smania. 

The same “tailor shop” flexibility is the key of success of Smania’s CONTRACT section, that has made it so that Smania has  developed complete projects for hotels, presidential suites, restaurants, club house, theatres, yachts, presidential offices around the world.

Today Smania production are made in Italy and is located in Cazzago di Pianiga (VENEZIA), it is exported to all parts of the world from East to West and North to South, no boundaries are conceived, 90% of the furnitures are sent abroad from Russia, to Ukraine, Middle East and China. Although small the Italian market still remains 
In Smania’s future plans to implement future strategies.