Visioni, by Oltre Design, is an innovative solution to bring art everywhere.

Visioni, by Oltre Design are waterproof, UV resistant and anti-scratch, therefore can be used for shower walls, sliding doors, kitchen backsplashes, indoor or outdoor walls, steam rooms or ceiling. Being extremely light, resistant and easy to cut, the artistic panels are the perfect solution for any type of installation. It is only 4mm thick and can cover any surface, panel’s dimension is 3 x 2.5 m, without visible joints.

Visioni artistic panels are available in a variety of surface finishes to provide different aesthetics. The following is a list of standard finishes: gloss, matte, gloss & matte. All these finishes are available in the resin’s effects: flat, water effect and drops. Choices of flat, flexible, see-through and translucent offer clients different avenues for these panels to be used. The translucent ones can also be backlit to obtain amazing results.

Each artisan panel is hand crafted using organic material, acrylic colours and precious metal pigments.  Oltre Design works and customises special requests from customers.