The history of the Company starts in 1954 with Tondelli Senior, gifted craftsman and manufacturer specialized in wood furniture.

The production is mainly focused on bespoke furniture tailored for wealthy families of the region and beyond, as the name becomes well known and reached clients all over Italy.

Cornerstones of the activity are the exclusive use of the noblest wood essences & the exquisite craftsmanship acquired with time and passion.

The sons take the lead of the Company, keeping alive the traditions of handcraft techniques while updating the design to contemporary style. Furniture design and production remain primarily client-oriented. While carrying out exclusive projects for national clients, the first core of LORENZO TONDELLI COLLECTION starts to take shape, allowing the Company to take the first steps in the international business in the early 2000s.

The exposition to cosmopolitan clienteles positively spurs Lorenzo Tondelli to widen his offer to match the ever growing interest in the Collection.

The Collection milestone represented by wood furniture is progressively enriched and now extends from upholstered furniture to lighting and furnishing.

Coherently with its Corporate vision, every item featured in Lorenzo Tondelli Collection is the result of a balance between attentive and inspired Design, traditional handcraft know-how and high-precision mechanical techniques.

The Collection fabrics and leathers selection ranging from durable to precious is carefully selected among the finest international fabric producers. Each item is produced in small numbered series, allowing constant monitoring of each phase of production.

From woodworking to polishing, bronze casting to texturing, upholstering to decorative stitching, Lorenzo Tondelli cherishes each piece to be a skillful combination of design & technique, high quality materials, prestigious finishes and distinctive details.