Galimberti Nino is a young company, or rather no.  It is young, as the fourth generation Galimberti, now represented by Roberta, Luciano and Carlo; It is young because several young designers, 
coordinated by the research and development centre in the person of Joe Gentile, take turns in drawing always new projects. 

But it can not be said to be young because there is since 1885, when Carlo Galimberti produced in his brianzola workshop the first furniture, and then he sold them in Milan. With a story like this, the concept of classical-contemporary is more apt than ever. The company philosophy, the idea that moves all the projects and the collections is to combine elements of tradition in a contemporary context. In other words, to revisit the best elements related to woodworking Made in Brianza, a production area is known throughout the world, historically linked to the furniture for tradition, culture and quality.

The production is inspired by the styles of the past, however, presented in accordance with lines and contemporary materials. It is an area of taste inspired by periods such as Victorian, Biedermeier, Empire, recently developed, a project that revisits some of the art-deco references and modernism Italian of Forties and Fifties years. These business decisions obtain elegant rooms, without excesses but able to attract. 

The ability to make special every atmosphere results from  meticulous attention of detail - from grain to the trimmings - and from the craftsmanship, but especially from the sensitivity with which different inspirations come together in harmony and sense of proportion.