With her strong business acumen, two decades of industry experience and excellent networking abilities, Jestine Chin’s transition from a corporate general manager working for a public listed developer to running her own interior finishing business was a no-brainer.

Having been trained in architecture, Jestine diverted into the furniture industry in both office and residential supply before venturing out on her own in Year 2007. She saw great potential in catering to high-end markets in the residential, hospitality and commercial sectors. Unlike many of her contemporaries whose modern and minimalist styles currently dominate the industry, Pure Interior furnishing company continuously endeavours to cater to the growing niche demand amongst discerning clients who are searching for customization or charming and elaborate detail pieces inspired by a variety of styles ranging from decorative art to contemporary classic.

Jestine understands the need to consider its clients’ cultural backgrounds and personal lifestyles, using them as reference point in order to conjure up a truly unique and personalised design concept. She believes that this personalized touch has allowed the company to build up a regular clientele base in addition to its new clients, which it garners through magazine advertising, social media platforms and cross-selling within related trades.

In 2015, Jestine proudly represented Pure Interior to receive the SME Prestige Award.