Lithos Design presents Le Pietre Incise, a collection of modular 3D stone claddings with the ability to design space and make it unique.
Le Pietre Incise collects 13 fascinating models (Cubo, Doge, Favo, Fondo, Gemma, Giza, Lembo, Prisma, Quadro, Seta, Terra, Tratto, Virgola) exploring the infinite potentialities of stone materials, which are interpreted in a masterly manner through moving geometries, textures which are both charming and mutable, light games and optical effects.

For 6 models of this collection(Favo, Fondo, Giza, Quardro, Seta and Tratto), Lithos Design offers also two types of complements, designed in order to give movement and depth to the wall: Curve and Curve Luce (Lighting). The first ones are sinuous curved stone slabs providing an effect of movement and three-dimensionality. The second ones add spotlights to the curved wall depth, thus creating real luminous walls. The combination of wide curves, elegant decorations and beams of light transforms the wall into a real contemporary design expression.

Standard Sizes available in W60xD60xT2 cm and W120xD60xT2 cm. Customisation available upon request.